Highlights from the August, 2023 meeting.

How I went from Car Cards to JMRI - by George Sinos

WHD August 2023 meeting WHD August 2023 meeting (alternate)
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George Sinos gave a very interesting presentation that overviewed his transition from car cards to JMRI's Operations Pro.

For those that were unable to attend we streamed the meeting live on NMRA Interchange.

In addition, George has shared the slide deck of his presentation here.

Highlights from the January, 2022 meeting.

Holiday Party at Lansky's

WHD group photo
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Thanks to everyone who attended our annual Western Heritage Division NMRA Holiday party, held this year at Lansky's in Bellevue, NE. Our chapter raised $60 via door prize drawings. As shown in the picture, Don Zinnecker was the Big Winner for the night. Thanks to House of Trains, Bruce Hochberger, Bob Albano and the Brozanic's for the donation of door prizes. Thanks to Bob and Pam for the treats.

Highlights from the August, 2021 meeting.

Train Show and an RPM

Hello Bruce

Bruce Hochberger reviewed events at both Spring Creek's recent Open House / Train Show and the July, 2021 St. Louis RPM meet in Collinsville, IL.
Thank you Bruce.

Highlights from the April, 2021 meeting.

Montana and Colorado Southern RR

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Clinic: MCSRR

Thanks to Steve Rodie for the overview of his MONTANA and COLORADO SOUTHERN RR. I am sure we are all waiting for the day we get the chance to operate on his new layout.

Highlights from the March, 2021 meeting.

New York Central Hudson Division

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Clinic: NYCHD

Hudson Division - twentieth Century Limited passing ESE

At the March 2021 meeting Paul DeLuca gave us an update and overview of his wonderful New York Central Hudson Division layout. Paul has been expanding and adding scenery to his great railroad over the year during the pandemic. It was a great presentation!

Member Updates

Members shared progrees reports on various projects.

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March, 2021 Member Show and Tell

Highlights from the February, 2021 meeting.

Clinic: From Car Cards to OPSPRO Manifests

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Clinic: OpsPro

George Sinos gave a presentation on how to transition from traditional car cards to JMRI Operations Pro.

Member Updates

Members shared progrees reports on various projects.

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February, 2021 Member Show and Tell

Highlights from the January, 2021 meeting.

Clinic: Scrap Metal Loads

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Clinic: Scrap Metal Loads

Bob Albano shared tips and tricks about scrap metal loads.

Clinic: Columbus, OH

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Clinic: Columbus, OH

Rick Stone gave us some background on what factors drove him to decide to model Columbus, Ohio on his home HO layout.

Member Updates

Members shared progrees reports on various projects.

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Member Show and Tell

Highlights from the December, 2020 meeting.

Wilmington and Northern Branch 1990-1905.

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Wilmington and Northern Branch mainline

Dave Husman gave an overview of his home layout, the Wilmington and Northern Branch 1990-1905. This HO layout features Code 55 and 70 hand laid track.

Wilmington and Northern Branch yard


Member Updates

Members shared progrees reports on various projects.

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Zoom Attendees #1      Zoom Attendees #2

Raspberry Pi 4

Highlights from the November, 2020 meeting.


Member Updates

Zoom attendees

Members shared progrees reports on various projects.

Weathered box car      Damaged tank car

Highlights from the October, 2020 meeting.


Colorado Front Range

Colorado Front
Range joint line RR

Bob Finkenbiner gave us a walk around tour of his home layout for our October Zoom Session. Bob is modeling the Colorado Front Range joint line and Pueblo, Colorado. Pueblo includes the CF&I steel mill and facilities.

Hazardous Materials - Pre-1977

Dave Husman, at the October Opsig meeting, presented great info on Pre-1977 handling of hazardous materials.
You can view the recorded meeting here:
Just a warning. Dave's internet went out of service about half way through the presentation. While he was reconnecting Lee Nichols described the "mole staging" area of his Utah Colorado Western. Dave returned with the remaining half of his presentation after Lee finished.

Dave also posted a PDF copy of his slides here:

Highlights from the September, 2020 meeting.


Bob Albano shared his thoughts and techniques on taking  lightly used and heavily abused pre-owned HO locomotives and customizing  them to match a particular prototype locomotive using custom painting  and detail parts.

Highlights from the August, 2020 meeting.


During our August Zoom session Ron Brozanic  gave an historical and modeling presentation on adding a temporary  building to the Darby Railcar Shop on his layout.

Highlights from the July, 2020 meeting.


In July, George Sinos delivered a presentation on how he grew his home N scale  layout from an NCE PowerCab DCC system to a full blown NCE PowerPro  system.

Highlights from the March, 2020 meeting.

Show and Tell:


We held our monthly meeting at the Sump Library. There was no clinic but we did  hold a discussion about our favorite railroads which may or may not have  resulted in a home layout.

There was a lot of variety of favorite railroads, including the CGW, MoPac,  CONRAIL, The Virginian, C&NW, Union Pacific, Colorado Midland,  Northern Pacific and a little known narrow gauge line in New Mexico.  There was one member that had a favorite town, Columbus, Ohio which  netted five east coast railroads and a lot of modeling opportunities.

Highlights from the February, 2020 meeting.


How to install and ballast track.

How to install and de-bug switches.

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Bruce Hochberger gave a clinic on Saturday, February 1st on how to properly install and ballast track on a layout. He also shared the do's and don'ts of ballasting switches.

Highlights from the January, 2020 meeting.

At the Papillion Pizza Ranch

The Western Heritage Division held its annual Holiday get together at the Pizza Ranch in Papillion January 11th.  Members and their spouses attended on a cold winter's Saturday night.  Thanks to Rusty Westermeier for making the arrangements for the party room.

Bruce Hochberger won the raffle for the 25 dollar gift certificate from The House of Trains.

It was an evening of good eats and fine conversation and train talk!

Highlights from the December, 2019 meeting.

At the Geneseo Railway.

Clinic: Backdrop clouds and pine trees.

Show and Tell: Dead rail.

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Highlights from the November, 2019 meeting.

The Western Heritage Division of the NMRA had a great turn-out for our November model railroad get-together at the Sump Memorial library in Papillion. Bruce Hochberger delivered an excellent clinic on building fences and some members of the group showed examples of their favorite cabooses or MOW equipment.

Clinic: Chain-link Fences.

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Show and Tell: Cabooses and MOW.

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