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Saturday, November 7th, 2020 at 9:00 AM

Contact  Ron Brozanic, at rbrozanic@gmail.com to be added to the participants list.

November Clinic


As usual, all members are invited to share information on their current projects.

What We Are Doing

Club members have been busy.
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Geneseo Railway

Farmers Exchange  Lloyd's Oil Co.  Climb to Switch Yard  Hydan Switch Yard

Bob Roegge's Geneseo Railway is a modelers masterpiece!

Bob has expanded his Geneseo Railway into the adjoining room and has added another town/switching area (Farr). Farr has three sidings serving Schramm's Farmers Exchange, Lloyd's Oil Co. and Bates Coal. Pictures show Schramm's and Lloyd's. The line to Farr climbs through some mountainous scenery for which he is in the process of making trees. Bob says he only needs about 100 more! The line ends at a new yard under the stairs so the layout is now point to point.

Abandoned Farm

Farm House  Cattle Pen

Eric Gonzales - Missouri Valley Free-mo

Our Western Heritage Division modelers have been active during this COVID-19 Pandemic. Here is another example of some of the modeling that has been achieved over the last several months by members of our Division.

Eric Gonzales is a member of the Missouri Valley Free-mo group and the Western Heritage Division NMRA. Eric has been working on a couple of modules over last couple of months. Here are a couple of pictures of scenes on his modules.

Please let us know:

Would you like to open your layout for a club layout visit?

Do you have a clinic topic you would like to present at one of our monthly get-togethers?

December Meeting Highlights

Saturday, December 5th, 9:00 to 11:30 am

For the December meeting we will again meet over Zoom.

Highlights from the October, 2020 meeting.


Colorado Front Range

Colorado Front
Range joint line RR

Bob Finkenbiner gave us a walk around tour of his home layout for our October Zoom Session. Bob is modeling the Colorado Front Range joint line and Pueblo, Colorado. Pueblo includes the CF&I steel mill and facilities.

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