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Division Director's election result.

Bruce Hochberger Photo

Bruce Hochberger has been elected and ratified as the new Division Director.

From the Director.

At the Ames Board Meeting, Charlie Getz mentioned an idea to help find people interested in learning more about Model Railroading.

His idea! A 4" diameter red button with white lettering stating

"Ask Me About Model Railroading."

The buttons could be worn at train shows, swap meets or other events. We will take a quick poll to check for interest and forward our estimate of the number needed. They will collect the input and get bids for producing the batch. This won't commit the Division to a purchase, they are trying to judge the interest.


A new resource link has been added for the Chicago, Indianapolis & Louisville Railroad (Monon)

The newest issue of the Caboose Kibitzer is now online. 3rd Quarter 2017 Caboose Kibitzer

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Oct 2017 Observation Car Nice pictures from the September meeting.

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Jun 2017 Observation Car Note meeting date change!

Jun 2017 Observation Car (Extra) Work Session - Kids Layout

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2016 Division Elections

The results of the Division elections are as follows.
- Superintendent - Harvey Swanger
- Assistant Superintendent - Robert Albano
- Paymaster - Scott Crites
- Clerk - Bob Finkenbiner