Western Heritage Division, NMRA

Meeting Minutes - Oct. 18th, 2014









Western Heritage Division, NMRA

Meeting was opened by Henry Nipper, October 18th, 2014. Officers present

  • Henry Nipper Assistant Superintendent
  • Dennis Hansel Paymaster
  • Jim Korman Clerk
  • --------------------------------------
  • Ryan Moats Director attending

The September meeting minutes were read by the Clerk. Bill Dodge moved, Bob Schramm seconded to accept the minutes with corrections. Passed.

Paymaster's Report : No report

Director's Report : No report

HO Module Group : No report.

N-Scale Module Group : Just a note that they are at 100% NMRA membership.

2016 Convention : Henry Nipper says that he will be contacting some members to help.

Other Business : An update on White River Publications. They are redoing artwork for Railroad Model Craftsman (RMC). They should be publishing in the very near future.
A discussion was heard regarding whether the Division should purchase one or more “Camelback” banners. This item was introduced at the July meeting. They are light weight; 10 pounds, 35” by 83” vertical banners and come with a bag. Ricky Keil moved, Bill Dodge seconded to purchase a banner. After considerable discussion the motion was tabled – to be discussed further at a later meeting. Barb Lundquist stated that she will look at the current banners to see if they can be displayed in an easier manner.
Henry Nipper raised a question about having access to the Division membership information. Ryan Moats gave some background why this information is not generally available to the Board. Bob Schramm moved, Bob Finkenbiner seconded to make the membership information available to officers of the Division. Passed.
Ricky Keil reported that he believes he has transferred all materials back to the Division.

With no other business being heard, Bill Dodge moved to adjourn. Barb Lundquist seconded. Passed.

Jim Korman
Clerk, Western Heritage Division, NMRA