Western Heritage Division, NMRA

Meeting Minutes - Aug 9th, 2014









Western Heritage Division, NMRA

Meeting was opened by Harvey Swanger, August 9th, 2014. Officers present

  • Harvey Swanger Superintendent
  • Henry Nipper Assistant Superintendent
  • Jim Korman Clerk

The July meeting minutes were read by the Clerk.

Paymaster's Report : None.

Director's Report : None.

HO Module Group : Claude Lundquist - Has been talking to the folks at the SAC Museum about setting up in November and December. Hasn't heard anything back yet. A question about using new Plexiglas on the HO modules was asked with some discussion with the N-Scale group about their method of attaching their "glass". Claude and others indicated the group is looking at several possible solutions.

N-Scale Module Group : Scott Crites - Reported they were at the Lauritzen Gardens in July, and that the event went well. They report that it looks like this may become an annual event. Next year will be the 11 and 12th of July, 2015. They are working on additional modules and a Brass bridge (supplied by Bill Dodge). The group meets at the Millard Library at 9:30a on Aug 16th. All are welcome. He also stated that the N-Scale group are also planning to be at the SAC Museum after Thanksgiving.
Scott talked about a new Kato N-Scale turntable to be available "real soon". Henry Nipper says that some new N-Scale Union Pacific passenger cars are available.

2016 Convention : Henry Nipper says that he needs to get some material from Barb Lundquist.

Other Business : It was reported that the next OS Omaha session is being planned for the Spring of 2015.
Scott Crites presented an email he received from the local "Maker" group about the Omaha Mini Maker Faire that will be held September 13th at the Omaha Children's Museum. The email was an invitation for our group to participate in the faire.
Scott will forward the emails to the Clerk.
After considerable discussion, which included some introduction about what the Maker's faire is about, it was decided that the Clerk will contact those in charge of the Faire to decline for this year, but that we would certainly like to be involved in the future when there is enough time for planning.
This lead to a discussion about work that the Division had performed in the past on the Children's Museum's layout. A question was raised about the layout's current situation. More information is needed and the issue was tabled.

With no other business being heard, Claude Lundquist moved to adjourn. Scott Crites seconded. Passed.

Jim Korman
Clerk, Western Heritage Division, NMRA