Western Heritage Division, NMRA

Meeting Minutes - Jul. 12th, 2014









Western Heritage Division, NMRA

Meeting was opened by Harvey Swanger, July 12th, 2014. Officers present

  • Harvey Swanger Superintendent
  • Henry Nipper Assistant Superintendent
  • Dennis Hansel Paymaster
  • Jim Korman Clerk
  • Ryan Moats Director

A big thank you to Rusty Westermeier for volunteering his home (and layout) for the July meeting.

Paymaster's Report : A discrepancy was noted in last month’s report. Dennis will get a correction.

Director's Report : Recruitment and retention are a concern in the NMRA. Division 3 (NE Texas) of the Lone Star Region uses a 4 sided booth to serve the public. In addition they actively promote the dealers making sure that specials are shared. Clinics run constantly.

Other Business : A question was asked about the NE-IA Railroaders show in June 2015. Some discussion was heard asking if the Division and NE-IA Railroaders can work together.
Looking forward, the UP Historical Society, June 7th, 2015. (Clerk’s note : Their convention runs June 4-7, 2015)
There was considerable discussion on the subject of how we, as an NMRA Division, can better represent the NMRA at various shows.
The Railroad Prototype Modeler’s (RPM) meet will be in the Saint Louis, MO area, Aug 8-9th, 2014. The Gateway Division, MCoR is a sponsor.
A discussion about getting embroidered patches on our Division shirts, etc. The art work is available to do this and has been updated with the new NMRA logo. A question was asked about the Division website’s logo. The Clerk answered that the site uses the new logos. Ryan Moats and Harvey Swanger discussed updating the Executive Handbook. The Clerk mentioned that the Assistant Superintendent is tasked with that responsibility. Henry Nipper moved with a Ryan Moats second to hold one or more meetings to revise the Handbook.

With no other business being heard, Henry Nipper moved to adjourn. Ryan Moats seconded. Passed.

Meeting was adjourned to back to Rusty’s basement to “play” with the trains.

Jim Korman
Clerk, Western Heritage Division, NMRA