Western Heritage Division, NMRA

Meeting Minutes - Oct 14, 2012









Western Heritage Division, NMRA

Meeting was opened by Barb Lundquist at 12:07p, November 10th, 2012. Officers present

  • Ricky Keil Superintendent
  • Harvey Swanger Assistant Superintendent
  • Barb Lundquist Director
  • Jim Korman Clerk

Minutes from the November meeting were read. Henry Nipper moved to approve with Bob Albano second. Passed

Old Business : Chuck Smith has not yet received a check from the Paymaster for the Summer Picnic.

Show Report : Scott Crites reports reports that the area at Burke HS has been re-measured and that we also have the cafeteria area also. The next move is to have a budget by January. They are also looking at some more interactive activities for kids during the show, i.e. timesaver module as a possibility. Unlike the 2012 show there are no other activities planned at Burke during our show. The committee has received some items already from manufacturers for door prizes, or other give aways. The Clerk has taken an action to contact the Mid-America Council BSA to see if there is a Railroading Merit Badge advisor and if so who that would be.

Other items of note : It was reported that the Union Pacific is looking at restoring a “Big Boy” locomotive, number 4014. See the following news story in Trains for more detail.

Claude Lundquist spoke briefly about the new addition at the Sump Library. Tracks have been placed in the sidewalk adjacent to 84th street at the location of the original Union Pacific Railroad line. In addition a quite large historical marker has also been placed explaining the significance of these tracks.

Barb Lundquist reported that the January dinner meeting will be held at Famous Dave’s in Bellevue on Saturday evening the 19th from 6:30p until 9p.

Claude Lundquist moved to to adjourn, 2nd by Harvey Swanger.

After the meeting Rich Hulsey gave a short slide show of a friends steel industry based model railroad.

Jim Korman
Clerk, Western Heritage Division, NMRA