Western Heritage Division, NMRA

Meeting Minutes - Oct 14, 2012









Western Heritage Division, NMRA

Meeting was opened by Ricky Keil at 12:15p, October 14th, 2012. Officers present

  • Ricky Keil Superintendent
  • Harvey Swanger Assistant Superintendent
  • Barb Lundquist Director
  • Dennis Hansel Paymaster
  • Jim Korman Clerk

Minutes from the Sept meeting were read.

Paymaster Report : None. Dennis says a full report will be presented at the November meeting.

Director's Report : Barb reported on news from national that there will be a change coming that Region boundaries will be defined by State and County boundries instead of Zip Codes.

Also it was noted that the Michiana Division co-founder, Jim Six is leading a team to work on standardizing Clinics. The 2013 NMRA convention will be held in Atlanta, Georgia. The 2014 convention in Cleveland, Ohio. In addition all DCC formats will be combined into a single standard.

HO Module Group : Claude Lundquist reports that our application for the Great Train Expo in Feb has been sent in. We will be at the Lincoln show in late Feb and the WHD show in April.

Barb Lundquist moved to to adjourn, 2nd by Yuri Maserang.

Many attending adjourned to Bob's basement to look/play with his layout.

Jim Korman
Clerk, Western Heritage Division, NMRA