Western Heritage Division, NMRA

Minutes - Mar 10, 2012









DRAFT - Western Heritage Division, NMRA - DRAFT

Meeting was opened by Ricky Keil at 12:05p, March 10th, 2012. Officers present

  • Ricky Keil Superintendent
  • Bob Finkenbiner Assistant Superintendent
  • Barb Lundquist Director
  • Dennis Hansel Paymaster
  • Jim Korman Clerk

Paymaster’s report. Dennis Hansel reported no Paymaster’s report at this time.

New Business

  • Camp Creek Railroaders Fall Train Show – Railroad Sept 8th and 9th
  • A presentation about the Union Pacific – “Omaha to Promontory Point, UT”

Director’s Report.Barb Lundquist

Planning a car for 2013 convention (MCOR) need possible ideas. She is asking that all members update their email address as the Caboose Kitbitzer will now be sent via email to members.

Show Report.Barb Lundquist

Barb talked about the April show. So far 78 tables have been sold, with 10 possible layouts. There are still tables available. The WHD will have two tables available. Asked for any ideas for the location and “stuff” for the June picnic.

Ricky gave some further show info. There will be no clinics at this show. We will be having NMRA judging and Bob Albano will be in charge of the silent auction.

AP report Ryan Moats - No report.

Ryan Moats moved, with a Barb Lundquist second to adjourn.

Jim Korman
Clerk, Western Heritage Division, NMRA