Western Heritage Division, NMRA

Minutes - Feb 10, 2012









Western Heritage Division, NMRA

Meeting was opened by Bob Finkenbiner at 12:00p, February 10th, 2012. Officers present

  • Bob Finkenbiner Assistant Superintendent
  • Barb Lundquist Director
  • Dennis Hansel Paymaster
  • Jim Korman Clerk

Minutes of the January meeting were read. Claude Lundquist moved and Barb Lundquist second to accept the minutes.

Paymaster’s report. Dennis Hansel

    • $7473.20 in account
    • $4920.00 in money market
    • $1136.00 paid for DCC units.
    • This amount did not include the shipping cost
      3 Hand held radio units
      4 Tethered units

Ryan Moats moved, with a Ron Brozanic moved to accept.

Director’s Report.Barb Lundquist

Planning a car for 2013 convention (MCOR) need possible ideas. Barb talked about the April show. Says that she will be getting flyers out to members to place in local stores, etc.
Barb also says that she has banners, including a banner for a standalone table.

HO Module report Claude Lundquist

Mid-America show – We had some problems leveling the modules at Mid America, but in the end all worked out well. DCC was running on the “inside” loop. Hope to have DCC running on all tracks in the future. New DCC controllers should be ready for the Spring show.

There was some discussion about how best to de-conflict DCC addressing at shows. Open issue for now.

Bob Finkenbiner asked if the yard will be rebuilt. Claude replied that sections of the yard can be turned on/off using switches.

N Scale Module report is planning to be at the Spring show.

Old Business

Barb Lundquist noted that we need nominations for officers.

Two visitors were noted, Jeff Coleman (HO) and Clifton Coleman (O)

Ryan Moats – AP Chair. Bob Albano will be giving a clinic on DCC.

Ryan Moats moved, with a Barb Lundquist second to adjourn.

After the business meeting Bob Roegge gave a presentation of his newest Gn15 layout. He has been asked by several members to show these “micro” layouts at the Spring show

Jim Korman
Clerk, Western Heritage Division, NMRA